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Search for Pirate Gold: $35

For family friendly, budget friendly fun, children as young as 6 can run our Sea Spis, and find their way through our underwater maze. Find the Pirate Treasure and take home a treasure of your very own to remember the fun! Try it early – this is an introductory price and won’t last long!

Run on Water! $15

Or walk on water. Or do backflips, or battle your friends! The waterballs MUST be experienced!

Mission Statements

Your Safety is Our #1 Concern

Hydroflight devices are an extreme sport. Sometimes things go wrong. Our trained staff is watching out for you. We have a spotter boat to watch out when you're flying, and to make sure everything's OK. If you and the kids are in the water balls or the Sea Spis, our staff is there both to make sure you have a good time, and to keep you and the kids safe.

Review our waivers.

We want you to have fun!

Why do you come to the Lake? To have fun! We're here to help. We love the smiles, the waves, and our happy guests, and we'll do whatever we can to make sure you have a great time!

All air, all the time!

Water jetpacks are pretty new to Canada. The Captain's been using them in the Caribbean for awhile, and wanted to bring them to Canada. We want to grow the sport safely and have fun along the way. Join us as we introduce the sport to Alberta.

Do Fun Stuff!

Everybody Needs a little Pirate in their life!

At Prairie Pirates, we believe that we all have a little pirate buried somewhere deep inside. Whether you want to be extreme on the jet pack, or just have some family fun in the water balls or on the Sea Spis, we have a way for you to let that pirate out. Our friendly staff is here to help you have a GREAT time!